October 1


From the Cradle to the Stage with Natasha Sigmund


Join the New England-GIML chapter for a professional development workshop presented by GIML faculty member, Natasha Sigmund.

While learning music might look and feel different in an infant class versus a high school choir, learning to audiate follows the same fundamental process. In this workshop, you will learn about preparatory audiation and what it looks like in a formal setting, where students can follow directions but are yet to discover their singing voices or rhythmic coordination.

You will learn techniques and activities Natasha developed over the last 20 years to help her learners move through stages of preparatory audiation and audiation regardless of their age and preparedness level. And since the most important influence in your students' musical life is a strong musical model, get ready to sing, move, create, improvise, and arrange in various tonalities and meters: get ready to make music and develop your own musicianship and creativity.

Finally, experience a teaching sequence that begins with a tune without words in the classroom, sung for the students, and ends on the stage, sung by the students for the audience. 

The cost for this workshop is $20 for GIML members, $25 for non-members, and free for college students. 

Natasha’s Bio:

Natasha Sigmund devoted the last twenty years to learning and teaching music, from leading early childhood music classes to working with undergraduate students and music education professionals. Presently she teaches general and vocal music at Rush Intermediate School in Cinnaminson, NJ. 

Prior to immigrating to the US in 1994, Natasha studied music from a very young age at Moscow children's music conservatory, then pursued her formal music education at Moscow State Teacher's University, majoring in choral conducting and piano. 

Natasha continued her journey as a music education student in the US, earning both Bachelor of Music Education and Master of Music Education degrees at Temple University, GIML Early Childhood level I and II certifications, GIML Elementary level I certification, and become certified as GIML faculty in 2007. Natasha is actively involved with professional development as a presenter at school in-services, GIML Workshops, and GIML summer Certifications courses. 

Mrs. Sigmund is a recipient of Presser Foundation award for her work in collecting and adapting authentic Russian music to early childhood and elementary music settings in the United States. Her work with children has been featured on New Jersey Classroom Close-Up television program and One On One with Steve Audubato. Natasha's song collection, "Growing Up With Music", has been implemented by early childhood music professionals in the United States and abroad. 

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From the Cradle to the Stage with Natasha Sigmund